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www.Plesk-Verkoop.nl is 100% part of isource Webdevelopment. isource develops and supplies internet services since 1989. We have extensive experience in making software available online to our customers. Safety and performance are hereby our main concerns.

In addition to our cloud services, isource also develops web applications, apps and websites for various platforms. We also provide a wide range of clients with domain management and hosting of their websites.

isource is a certified Microsoft SPLA partner.

Finally, we also provide professional narrowcasting services under the name Flexscreen.

Do you want to know more about what we can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.

    Call us: 071 – 523 0114

    E-mail us: info@isource.nl

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What is Plesk?

Plesk is a graphical web-based hosting control panel. Using this control panel makes creating and managing websites on your VPS a lot easier. Websites can be easily created and managed with Plesk. It’s also very easy to create a website or FTP user, or to install a SSL Certificate. In addition, Plesk offers various expansion packages. Because of these packages, Plesk is a suitable medium for managing websites for each target group.

Why Plesk-Verkoop?

The Plesk-verkoop website has been set up by isource to make Plesk licenses and Plesk VPS (Virtual Private Servers) available to new and existing customers. We have delivered Plesk products since 2004 and have excellent knowledge and experience that we can share with our customers.

If you order Plesk panel via isource you are assured of a good product with strong knowledge and support at a very affordable rate.

Because we can arrange the hosting for you for the VPS products you have double the advantage. Both our Plesk panel knowledge and our hosting experience are at your disposal. Because we do the hosting ourselves we know exactly how it works.

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